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What is the Chromatography Toolkit?

The Chromatography Toolkit is a simple, powerful, low cost Chromatography Data Acquisition System.
     - Supports any GC or HPLC through a variety of hardware interfaces
     - Easily retrofit an HP 5890 or Agilent 6890 with an RS-232 connection
     - Flexible LabVIEW interfaces
     - Available as a compiled application for users without a copy of LabVIEW
     - Supports Windows or Macintosh

Click here for a demo, user manual, QuickTime video demonstrations and more information.

More about LabVIEW Consulting Services

Click here for more information about the capabilities of WillStein Software.
     - WillStein Software is a National Instruments Alliance Member
     - Work is performed by a Certified LabVIEW Developer
     - Project quotes have a Guaranteed Price once the scope of the project is defined.
Contact WillStein Software at:  willstein@willstein.com or call 847-440-7526

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